The Tabernacle of Moses ~ Study 1

                 The Tabernacle of Moses ~ Study   1

Many of you may find this study familiar and rightly so.  I began it last fall, but needed to set it aside to focus on the current studies with the gals I was involved in ministry tabernacle1enlargementwith.  Since then I have had my head and heart wrapped around the book of Luke, the life of David, the Patriarchs  and of recent, the first 6 chapters of Daniel.

Revisiting this study has been such a wonder to me.  I have books stashed everywhere (just about).  I am found reading at T-ball games, while the attendant pumps my gas (those of you outside of Oregon, yes this is still done – hallelujah!), I have logged many hours at Starbucks, and IHOP with laptop open.  Recently the brand new library has opened in our city, and it is fabulous!  My first real visit consisted of a 4 hour stay in front of a large picture window, having the view of a pond and ducks gandering around.  Those holy inspired in the design, even put a fireplace with stuffed chairs near by.  Yes, it is moments like this, I KNOW God loves me!

Over all the years I have walked with Jesus, I normally sat at His feet as a New Testament gal.    Give me the love expressed and written like John,  Peter’s personality, Paul’s passion, and Luke’s eye for detail, not to mention Timothy’s desire to be used, despite his young age.  Each giving their perspective of Jesus, His life, ministry, love and all He was, is and is to come.
All this, and yet…. until a couple of years ago.  I have fallen in love with the Old Testament and the Hebrew language.  I am learning to study it and see that one word can paint a vibrant full colored picture.   My love for God’s word has so expanded, I can not wait to see ‘where we are going next’.  The Lord has taken me back to the beginning, Genesis – oh so very rich.  Moved me on.  Looked at major key players in Israel’s history, Abe, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph,  King David, Daniel and now again Moses.
Much of the life of Moses, and his leadership over Israel spans many verses, chapters, even books.  Moses first appears in Exodus chapter 2, as his story unfolds all through to Deuteronomy the last chapter (34). 

Moses experienced God in ways we can only dream of.  Going to Pharaoh and demanding the children of Israel be released. Walking them across the Red Sea.  Putting up with so many complaints!  Each time, they began to complain, have you noticed that Moses fell on his face before God… personally I believe – he was ducking!  (just kidding).
One of the most interesting and colorful foretelling of Jesus in the Old Testament is found in the Tabernacle of Moses. Shortly after the 10 commandments were given (Ex. 20), the covenant between God and the chosen people was sealed (Ex. 24).   The following chapter (25) is where God begins to lay out the plan for a dwelling place, where He, a  Holy God, His glory could be with man.  The Tabernacle.   As true as it is a reality to the Israelites, to us is also a picture, also known as a ‘type and shadow’, an Old Testament idea, concept expressing the image of Jesus to us.  John 1:14 says… ‘The Word became flesh and made his dwelling [tabernacle] among us.  We have seen his glory, the glory of the One and Only, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth.’
Why study the Tabernacle of Moses?  It is not just a nice description of the large portable tent the Israelites lugged around. The Tabernacle was a place of worship.  The ‘entering’ into the presence of the LORD.  In days to come, we will journey through, pause and take a look around, look at each piece of furniture in what it was also referred to as, The Tent of Meeting,  beginning with the outer court.
 We will first face sacrifice, the altar of
 burnt offering, in this sacrifice we find acceptance
 and the invitation to go further (into the courtyard), the water basin, for washing, then once inside – the incense
 altar, we see the table with the lamp on it, then the table
 with the bread, and behind the veil, the Ark…. God.           
 It says, (Ex. 39, then 40) that Moses did all that God commanded of him, THEN… God’s glory came and filled the Tabernacle, so full, that Moses could not go in.  That is how the book  of Exodus ends.  BUT, Leviticus begins where  it leaves off… the opening verse says…. ‘God spoke to Moses from the  Tabernacle’.
To hear God’s voice, we have to enter His courtyard,  be encountered and embrace sacrifice,  walk past  and through the washing, smell and be the fragrance of worship , see His light burning and partake of His bread  that is ever present, then – and only then do we truly enter His presence  (the veil now torn, thank You Jesus! ) there, He speaks to us… after the process…. of  ‘entering’.
May we see HIM, in this journey through, The Tabernacle of Moses.  

More to come….
In Him, DeDe  (Ps. 92:4 You thrill me, LORD!)

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