YOU are the Reason

                         YOU are the Reason

These last couple of days I have been pondering, and rolling around in my head, the little seasonal rhyme, ‘Jesus is the reason for the season’.  It fits well as a lapel pin, looks good across our Christmas cards.  Even hangs proudly as an ornament on our trees.  I like it!  The message is clear, and points to Jesus!

Yet…I began to think of this in theological terms, the accuracy of it.  I know… I KNOW you are rolling your eyes at this point.  But bear with me.

I am a people watcher, I watch how they walk, their mannerisms, their facial expressions (there is much entertainment in it… enough said).  The other day as I was Christmas shopping I watched their faces, looked into their eyes, wondering if THEY knew Jesus.  Then it dawned on me ~  ‘THEY are the reason for the season’!  

The season is Christmas.  Christmas is JESUS, His birth.   Did Jesus come for ‘Jesus’?   Was that His reason?  Was His motive… ‘I think I will go to earth and be born into humanity, just to do it’?   NO!  Jesus came to earth, living His life as a spokesperson for the Father; He lived to die … for US!  WE are the reason for the season!   YOU are the reason for the season!  Ok, group HUG!

As Christmas nears, and you look into the eyes of those around you, consider THEM… what a great opening line to the gospel, ‘did you know YOU are the reason for the season…’

The Word became flesh and made His dwelling among us.  We
have seen His glory, the glory of the One and Only, Who came
from the Father, full of grace and truth

                                                                   – John 1:14

Blessed Christmas to you and yours,


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