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Captivated, A Fresh New Year

Young man reading the Bible with bright green background

I have been asked, “What does the Word of God do for you?”  I was offered time to think and respond via email.  I did just that, ‘thought about it’.  Keep in mind as I share my response I am wired a bit weird. As a bible teacher it is a sturdy text book in my hand, I can not shake loose the desire to grab a principle, dissect a word, or link a verse to another and before I know, I have a stack of geeky books at my feet or multiple windows open in my bible software. However

“What does the Word do for me?”  My first gut response when I heard  the question was 2 Timothy 3:16-17  “… all scripture is God breathed and good for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness.”  And this is why?  Verse 17  “… so that  the man (woman) of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work.”  Gotta love the ‘so that’ of God!  Breathe God!

I thought  further.  Hm …  depends on the daily circumstance  AND what portion of scripture I am reading, currently I have begun to dig into the book of John and by that I mean, get out the excavating tools, no… LARGE heavy equipment!  Continuing… there are times  (the Word) CONFIRMS.  Confirms that I too am human, just as the characters in the bible.   I read about Peter  and sure enough, I can relate to his ambitious outbursts, not that I would actually crawl out of a boat and attempt water walking – but I’d do something of the like and swinging that sword and getting the ear  King David with swordor telling Jesus NO.  Yep… confirms.

God’s  word also gives me COURAGE.  I read David’s story and I see all the stupid mistakes (I so appreciate God does not cover up the faults of His heroes.)  I see the longings of his heart.  The run FULL  FORCE  towards his God at times,  the end results may not have been what most would think ‘rewarding’ – but he loved and lived.  REGARDLESS, he is forever etched in history as ‘the man after Gods own heart.’ THIS gives me courage.  In the same breath, it encourages me. Taking another’s experience, hearing, observing and learning from it, enfolding it into my own, and giving me courage to walk in the same direction.  (DeDe’s  definition of encourage)

God’s word CONFRONTS. I have literally had His word stand in front of me… BOLDLY .  I know THAT sounds weird, but I know that resonates with some of us.  If I am behaving in such a way that is not …um… honorable, His word stands against that behavior like a blockade in the road.  I am quick to say, “NO, I do NOT heed to it all the time and found that I have  ‘ran around’ it.”  But I honestly believe, a God loving, Jesus follower, Spirit roadblockindwelled person WILL be confronted by God’s word.

Then, God’s word CORRECTS. I MUST add ‘if’ we allow it. Sigh… this is NOT enjoyable at times, but since God’s word is LIVING and ACTIVE and we are Spirit indwelled, we are (in my estimate) required to interact with the Word of God.  And by golly, if we truly ‘ listen’ at times, it DOES cut to the very marrow.  Which indeed is … painful.   The bible is our manual, our guide, God inspired those who penned it, so it’s God’s personal letter to us. I would call it ‘the relational manual’ – God is all about relationship.  He will tell us through His word where we lack, where we need adjustment, where we don’t align, AND how we are loved.  He gave very careful concern to express love, He embraces us, like fathers arms, hugging while He says  “I love you, I love you so much, I don’t want you hurt, this is what will help prevent that….”  Some call the bible, God’s rule book – I beg to differ. What a harsh concept. I do not want to live my life according to a ‘rule’ book,  steps of engagement for God’s approval (ick.)

What does God’s word do for me?  His word  COMFORTS.   When reading words like “… give me an undivided heart, that I may fear Your name…” (David)  What comfort!  I can tell Him like it is. The Psalms and other places bring the ‘tenderness’ of scripture to life.  Psalm 85 says ‘love and faithfulness meet together… the Lord will indeed give what is good’.   How many times are we overwhelmed and we reach for a Psalm, that tender whisper, “He makes me lie down… restores my soul… He guides me… He turned my wailing into dancing….You are my hiding place.”   Oh how the inspired penned the cry of our heart! Psalm 63, “My soul thirsts for You …. I have seen You in the sanctuary and beheld Your power and glory… I will praise Your name… and in Your name I will lift up my morning_bible_studyhands, my soul is satisfied.”  (I will add a ‘selah’ here) AND His response, ‘Be still and know that I am God.’  Yes, His word comforts.

For me, His word CALLS.  It beckons,  like when God called out Samuel’s name over and over. It wasn’t man calling – it was God.  I do believe that God speaks direction, ‘calling’ (if you will) through His word.  There are times I will be reading and soon my eyes well up, I ‘see’ what He is saying and I can not – NOT share it.  His Spirit calls so strong through His word, I may end up on the floor face down.  The word calls.

I know it was somewhat a simple question, “What does the Word do for you?” And I went a bit ‘C’ happy (sorry).  It confirms, gives me courage, it confronts, corrects, comforts and calls me.  But when all is said and done, it CAPTIVATES me.  I am amazed at the stories, the triumphs, war cries, bush a flame, walking on water, violent storms calmed and abandoned “My Lord and my God!” declarations.  HIS word!

Now, I present the question to YOU.  As we step into a fresh new year. “What does the Word of God do for you?”  Take time to ponder – examine.  Are we in the Word enough to have it impact us?  Does it comfort us, correct and by golly may it captivate! Remember to PRAY before you pull those pages open. Prayer, an amazing thing. Some make it more complex than it is, more lengthy then needed and by golly more King James than understood.  Simply talk to the Author of the Book, ask Him to show you…

In my bible I have written (put there in the early 80’s)  When reading the Word look for:

An example to follow – a sin to avoid – a command to obey – a promise to claim – a new thought about God – a difficulty to explore – a matter for prayer.

Your word, captivate us Lord!
In Him, DeDe (“Let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love & good deeds” – Heb. 10:24)