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Show Me

When I begin reading or studying the Bible, it is always my goal to start with a heartfelt prayer “Show me!”  It isn’t a stance of boldly throwing my hands on my hips – full of attitude, said with pierced lips, demanding God “PROVE IT!”  It is said in humble request.  Open my eyes and show me, show me Your attributes, show me Your stuff, I want to see YOU!

The author of Psalm 119, so poetically wrote, “Open my eyes that I may see wonderful things in Your law.”  (v18)  Open my eyes.  What beautiful imagery, the word used conveys uncover, to reveal in such a way as to expose.  Picture yourself reading, then… Holy Spirit gently removes the shaded-glossed over glasses and there, there it is …His word.  The ink on the page fully exposed as He intended it, you see it, understand it, humbled by it.  I’m sure you’ve experienced this, reading along and “WOW!”  Where did that come from, never noticing that before?  Show me.

Moses requests that God show him His glory (Exodus 33:18) here the request is slightly different, Moses is asking that he sees with intent to learn. Show me that I may know more of You God. I want to learn of Your holiness, Your uniqueness, I want more of You.  Show me.  Elisha asked God to show his servant all the heavenly support positioned around them. (2 Kings 6)  The word is paqah, (paw-kawck) opening the servant’s eyes to see what was not noticed before, to see with wisdom, understanding, and reality. Elisha asked the servant see God stuff!

Job in conflicted conversation inquires of God, “Show me my offense and my sin.” (13:23) Show me.  Job actually speaks in intimate terms, (yada) he wants God to cause him to KNOW – experience what God sees and feels when Job falls short, not hitting the God target.   God point and put Your finger where I lack,   (a potential painful request).  King David requests with the same:  “I have put my trust in You. Show me the way I should go, for to You I lift up my soul.” (Psalm 143:8) He continues on with ‘teach me… lead me … for I am Your servant.’

May we too ask of God, “Show me.”  Open our eyes that we see and understand Your word, show us, teach us more of You.  May we see with eyes of wisdom, understanding, and reality. And yes, we ask – show us where we lack and fall short. May we not stop here, as we quietly close the Book,  show us.  Show us in Your word, and now as we get up and head out, graciously show us ‘YOU’ in life.  (He is so faithful!)

God says, “Call on Me in prayer and I will answer you. I will show you great and mysterious, things which you still do not know about.” – Jeremiah 33:3

Show me.

In Him, DeDe (“Let us consider how we may spur one another on towards love & good deeds.” – Hebrews 10:24)