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The Pattern

The trendy slogan “What Would Jesus Do” from the 1990’s has pretty much faded away, yet the principle is true. The principle is good. Following what Jesus did is always the safest, the smartest, the most impacting—the BEST way to go. 

Peter knew this.


Jesus is told by an agonized father; that his daughter is very sick (Mark 5).  Soon, some men from Jairus’ house came with the news, “Your daughter is dead.  Why trouble the Teacher any further?”  Taking Peter, James and John, Jesus goes with them to Jairus’ home. There was a great commotion with loud weeping and wailing.  Sending them all out (ah…quiet) Jesus took just the mother, the father and the three disciples. Taking the little girl by the hand, He said, “Little girl I say to you, arise.”  Immediately her life was restored.  All were overcome with amazement (vv22-42). Peter was there—he watched Jesus.


Peter was in Lydda when he was sent for (Acts 9). Tabitha, a good woman, a disciple of Jesus has died. Peter went to Joppa. When at the home where Tabitha’s body lay, he asked everyone to leave the room, the loud mourners were sent out (ah…quiet).   “Tabitha, arise” he said. Her life was restored. Taking her by the hand, he helped her up. He called the friends and family back in, seeing her, the news spread throughout the village, and many believed in the Lord (vv 36-42).

When the situation seemed hopeless, Jesus went. Peter too. Jesus told the noise to leave. Peter too. Jesus declared “Arise!” Peter too.  Jesus extended His hand.  Peter too. In both scenarios, life was restored.

Jesus was Peter’s pattern.

A pattern is a model or design used as a guide.  When Jesus called His disciples, He said, “Follow Me.”  Jesus—the ultimate Guide.

Life can be filled with twists and turns.  Known and unknowns.  Joy and frustrations.  What a gift God gave us to watch and learn from Jesus as He navigated the roller coaster ride of humanity.  He was quiet when needed.  Spoke boldly when required.  Slipped away for Father time. Loved unconditionally. Pardoned the guilty. He confronted the lies. Taught among confusion. He led with righteousness.

This year, may we look to and reach for THE Pattern. Choose our steps, make our decisions, speak, love, confront, slip away for Father time—as Jesus did. Impacting. What grace was gifted to us, may we extend the same to others.

In Him, DeDe (“Let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love & good deeds” – Hebrews 10:24).