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God has been challenging me with my worship of Him. When gathered with others, I tend to just get in line, and follow the flow.  I stand, sit, and bow my head.  I join in the choruses, clap to the beat, and smile at my neighbor.  I offer a hardy ‘Amen’ when finished and we take our seats.  I love my church family!   Isn’t it interesting though it seems of recent years, we sing mostly about ‘our’ journey, we hear it on the radio and bust it out at church.  Songs filled with I -me – we – us.  We sing of all the great things He has done for us (which He HAS) we sing of the deliverance He brings us (which He DOES) we sing about how we are made new, loved and free, (which we ARE) these are good, these are right – but what about just worshipping Him for WHO-He -is.  He is Holy, Holy, Holy!  I am learning it is not just, ‘what’ He is – it is WHO He is!   Worship is not about us!   Where is the reverence, the holy hush, the drop to your knees in awe?  (Frankly, I know if I did drop to my knees, I’d get stuck and couldn’t get back up, but I’d enjoy the view, looking up, seeing …HIM!)

God said to Moses, “Do not come any closer, take off your sandals, for the place where you are standing is holy ground.” (Exodus 3:5) Reverence. Holy reverence. Do we come to God with such respect, admiration that we take pause, (remove something) or do we come rushing in out of breath excited to join the party, that in doing so, we fail to see HIM! (OUCH, as I pull down my balloon!)

We are told numerous times in the Word to seek His FACE, never are we told to seek His ‘hand.’ We are like a child running up to daddy, forgetting to acknowledge daddy is home, forgetting his presence, and only wanting to know what He has for us, “Do you have a gift for me?  Surely you do!  What’s behind your back?”  We are excited about the gift, rather than acknowledging the Giver! How about we slow it down, – like the psalmists make us take notice with ‘Selah.’  May we take pause.

Yes, Lord, Your love finds me, Your mercy follows me, Your grace covers me, I am SO thankful!  But what if, what if I were to stop and turn and just WORSHIP You!  Hands raised, not raised to be picked up (tomorrow) but today I raise my hands just acknowledging YOU are worthy!  You are King!  You are Holy!  You are GOD!

NOW, as I hop in my car, turn on the radio, I can bebop to the beat, sing along about the love of God,  “Oh, it chases me down, fights ’til I’m found, leaves the ninety-nine, I couldn’t earn it, and I don’t deserve it, still, You give Yourself away…” (By the way, I love this song, but God’s love is not ‘reckless’ – He is not reckless – He is deliberate, He is relentless, He is consistent).

Renewing my sense of reverence and awe. Taking pause, catching my breath, bowing low and honoring Him!  “Exalt the LORD our God and worship at His footstool; He is holy.” – Psalm 99:5

In Him, DeDe (“Let us consider how we may spur one another on towards love & good deeds.” – Hebrews 10:24)