How Do You Bow?

                         How do you Bow?  

The routine of life.  Long hours, phone calls, work, house duties, children, relationships – on and on it goes.  In our routine that we define as normal, is God first on the priority list, or is He left for the end of the day, or what little portion we can squeak out between laundry, car pooling, and the ever – ongoing battle of time management.  The Lord sees our heart and our desire to meet with Him on a daily basis, He is waiting patiently for us to find (no … take) that moment we circle just for Him.  When we do this, it shows to Him (and ourselves) that He is important enough to lay all aside and present ourselves to Him.
The other night on the way to church, Joshua my 13 year old, was wearing his (oh.. so favorite ‘Oregon Ducks’ cap), I asked him to please take it off, before we walk into church, and explained to him it showed reverence to the Lord…. he, not understanding that word completely, said “reverence?” with a weird smirk… I tried to share with him in terms he could understand, “you know how special your hat is… when you take it off for the Lord, you are telling him in your heart that He is TOTALLY COOL, and you are bowing to Him“… his response was “oh… I get it …”.
We all have our own way of showing reverence to the Lord.  Those who know me best know I HAD to go look it up in the Hebrew and Greek… when applied to the Lord it means literally ‘to give self wholly, in respect and awe’ and ‘with downcast eyes’ not in shame, or guilt but in the appreciation that you are so small in comparison to Him.  A bowing of heart.
How do you bow… do you start your day with a “Good Morning, Lord” or “Good Lord, it’s morning”, and hope for the best.  Bowing in body or heart takes humiliation and an understanding of just how great God is.  A moment of bowing of heart can be as simple as “I Love You Lord”… “You are Awesome Lord”.   Let it be heart felt and genuine.  And may require you to take something off, possibly pride, unthankful ness, and unforgiveness. If you need help in this area, ask Jesus, “how is my bowing” He knows what He wants, listen… (food for thought)
Oh, that we would be “bowing” lovers of God.  Myself included, for me it has been that I turn off the worship music at times, and listen to Him…. in that moment my response has been ….”worship”.
Have a great God loving, bowing week….
In Him, DeDe
Ps. 92:4  You thrill me LORD!  (and so I will bow)

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