Pick Up That Petticoat and RUN!

       Pick Up That Petticoat and RUN!

The other day I was visiting with my sister, and all of a sudden I began to giggle, she stopped and said ‘what?’    I said, “Sherrie, talking to you is like I have to pick up my petticoat and run!’   I wasn’t being rude (I think – it was just the mental picture I was having) but she gets so excided and jumps from topic to topic it is hard to track with her sometimes.  I told her, remember the olden days… (no not the 1970’s … OLDER!)  Back in the covered wagon days, when the gals would wear petticoats and bonnets.  If they wanted to run and play or keep up with the wagon train they had to pick up those petticoats and take off running.

That is how it is with her at times, just when I think I know where she is going in the conversation (smack!) she is off in another direction, or (smack!) the topic has taken a severe twist.  I dare NOT  allow my mind to wonder because the train has left and I am all alone!   So I have to gather my things and take off  running just to keep up.

Later the Lord shared with me, this is how we are to be with HIM!  No not that He runs so far ahead that we get lost trying to find Him.  He moves on!
Have you ever ‘sat’ and tried to figure out something the Lord is teaching you (granted He may leave us there for quite a while in the process of learning) but there are times, just when you think ‘I can do this’, (smack!) He’s moved on, there are other things to learn, other areas to work on.

I am learning to not become too comfy where I am in God, because (smack!) We are on the move!   Psalms 119 (yep the biggie of the Psalms) is one of my favorites.  There is so much good stuff in there.  One verse (32) says ‘I run the path of your commands for you have set my heart free!’   There is much to be ‘freed’, and His word has freeing power…. Run hard after it!

Isaiah 40:31 (NIV)

those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength.
They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not
grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.

Where the Lord is there is hope, we just need to place ourselves in His path  and once on His path there is a whole lot of ‘soaring running… and walking   going on.
The writer of Ecclesiastes (chapter 3) may add to the list of  ‘a time to…’  may I suggest, ‘a time to rest and hold tight and a time to run, run hard after your God!

Is your mind wondering and you don’t have a clue what is being said, (by the Lord) or were you out picking wild flowers when the ‘move out’ call was yelled.  Pick up your petticoat and run… Run hard after your God!  See and enjoy where He takes you!

Have a God-loving,  running hard … week!

In Him, DeDe (Ps. 92:4 You thrill me, LORD …)

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