Waiting in the Upgrade

There has to be a verse in the bible SOMEWHERE, giving the call to … upgrade. Hezekiah 7:3, yes that is it … ‘those of sincere desire to accomplish much, will seek to improve that which is already possessed.’ (Totally kidding! no such verse, sounded good)

Last night, I sat horrified starring at the computer screen; soon my head was in my hands, as tears stung my eyes. It’s GONE!  ALL GONE!  To upgrade my bible software to the newest – fastest – BETTER program, I had to ‘uninstall’ what I did have. So I began the process. Bible Explorer vaporized, Wordsearch 7 only a memory.  ALL the commentaries, dictionaries, 18 bible translations now lost. Oh, the pain!

Confident I had pushed the right buttons, that 5 letter word, that sends chills down even the geekiest neck, flashed across my screen ‘ERROR’. I could NOT install the new version. Mind you, that for some this is a minor event in one’s life, but for a bible teacher, this is my Kitchenaide, (which I have no clue how to use) my industrial vacuum, all the gadgets most swoon over.

I sat starring into the black abyss of the screen. Then it dawned on me, I reached forward and laid my hands on the computer screen – “in JESUS NAME, come out of there!” Obviously I do not have enough faith, the screen did not fall as if under the inspiration of the Holy Ghost, or scripture begin to run across my screen in neon lettering, NOTHING.

Then I resorted to plan B. CHOCOLATE!  That was it; I hadn’t had any in 3 days. So, I drowned my sorrows in a bowl of fat free chocolate frozen yogurt. I felt better, but the program still didn’t work! Being the teacher that I am, thought there IS a lesson in this.

Wait on the LORD, be of good courage and He shall strengthen thine heart, wait I say on the Lord.’ (Psalms 27:14) real verse.

So, I wait ~ until Monday morning when I call the tech support for the installation challenged morons – that is me.

Is there something you are waiting for? It is NOT all gone, restoration is on the way!

Waiting in the upgrade …

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