Awed by God

                         Awed By God
Title, achievements, wealth even appearance, these are the qualities that we look for to be amazed by another. We are so captured by what we read in the media and hear through the air waves, that without the awe of people or circumstance, we tend to slip into a stupor, a daze of ‘blah’. We desire, long for – even pursue to be found . .. marveled. We seek the BIGGER, the more grand to keep our senses alive.

With all this stimuli, are we found awed by God? Do we see the same excitement when we read His word? Do we pursue it, position ourselves for it?   hm ~

Joshua told the people “Consecrate yourselves for tomorrow the LORD will do amazing things among you” (Joshua 3:5). They were preparing to cross over into the Promise Land. It had been YEARS of waiting, years of telling of the promise, now they were going to experience it. There was great anticipation.

They were called to ‘consecrate’ themselves, this was the call to ‘make oneself holy’, in that, they were to set themselves apart, separate from the norm, prepare, position. In their preparedness, God would do amazing, ‘awesome’ things in their midst. Fascinating, that the Hebrew wording is the same for their part as it is for God doing His part; consecrate, separate from the norm, where ‘amazing’ is to be separate, distinguished, to be extra-ordinary! See the pattern? They prepare to be amazed, and God just shows up. Are YOU awed by God?

Psalm 46:10, “Be still and know that I am God“, LOVE this verse! It is translated ‘cease striving’ in other versions. Cease striving, means ‘to release’, but not only that, it means ‘to become weak, to let drop’. We are releasing those things as if in a tight grip of our hand, as we do – we will know God, letting God BE God.  It is not merely the ability to gather information; it is a ‘knowing by experience’, this experience is done through relationship. Relationship with God, what an awesome, extra-ordinary opportunity. Are YOU awed by God?

In the New Testament, it says that people were amazed, and marveled when Jesus healed the sick, calmed the storm, and taught with such wisdom. There is a time also; that Jesus just appeared, and show His nail scarred hands.

Thomas, he was known for his doubt. I appreciate his honesty. He said, what most of us may have been thinking and feeling. John 20, Jesus appears to the disciples following His resurrection, it says that Jesus stood among them, saying “Peace be with you” and then said to Thomas “Put your finger here, see My hands … stop doubting and believe”. Thomas responds, “My Lord and my God“. It doesn’t say it, but I would believe this was said as he falls to his knees. Thomas was awed by God, the revelation of WHO He is. Are YOU awed by God?

Are we found feeling ‘blah’? What is it that would cause us to ‘awe’, be in wonder, marveled? Do we allow ourselves the permission to release what we hold so tight, and experience the Lord? Do we seek relationship? Do we prepare for the extra-ordinary of God? Do we listen to the wisdom of Jesus? Do we allow Jesus to step up to us and show us His nail scarred hands?

God is BIG, bigger than anything that Steven Spielberg can create or even image. This week, allow the opportunity to be awed by God.

May we stand with hands lifted high, eyes closed, and quote the words of David ‘For Thou are GREAT, and doest wondrous things; Thou art God alone! (Ps. 86:10) May our attitude be “Nothing and no one comes close to You! I start talking about You, telling what I know, and quickly run out of words..” (Ps. 40:5 The Message)

Awed by God.

In Him, DeDe (‘You thrill me, LORD …’ Ps. 92:4)

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