Obstacles of Distraction

This morning at bible study, as the ladies walked down the small hall way to the door opening to our class room, they were met with – ‘obstacles’. They had to weave their way past 2 garbage cans, a large room divider on wheels and stacks of boxes. I wanted them to ‘work for it’, to enter the room. See what you are missing at bible study!  I enjoyed the looks, the comments, even the suggestions of moving the obstacles. At one point I had to leave the room, to find that our senior pastor had come in to greet the gals, and he too noticed the ‘stuff’ blocking free access to the room, and asked if we ‘needed any help’. (thanks Pastor)

I am always looking for ways to make a good point, to bring the gals something they can get their head and heart around. This week we studied the altar of incense in the Tabernacle, and the significance it paints of ~ prayer.

God has gone to great extent to make way for us to have relationship with Him. He longs for conversation. Not any conversation, He wants intimate one on One time with us. As we looked at the process to enter the Tabernacle it literally took alot of work, but since Jesus came, the work was and is DONE! As the veil was torn we now have complete access to the Most Holy God. YET, again YET, why do we still hesitate in our approach to God. Since the way is now clear, the obstacles are more likely of our own making. Hm …

I suggested to the gals that as they came in to class, they had to go past the garbage, (not pretty is it) past the dividing wall, and the stacks of stuff to get to their goal ~ the coffee and donuts AND bible study, (not particularly in that order). They ALL made it too. I then asked them how do YOU approach your time when you pull out your bible, homework, and prayer? Do you allow obstacles to hold you back, or hesitate? Do you keep going regardless? Does the garbage in our life distract us, or are the dividing walls erected to keep us from a full view of our God. The stacks of stuff, have you too noticed that if it is not properly dealt with, we just move the stacks from place to place.

One gal said, she came in and through and didn’t even notice the obstacles. We all had a good laugh, cause we are all moms, and at times, that IS our life, FULL of things we have to crawl past, step over, and climb around. But we don’t give up do we, we don’t use it as an excuse.

I gently posed the challenge that the next time we are tempted to stop and pay attention to the ‘obstacles of distraction’ in our life, keeping us from time in God’s presence, that we think of entering the door to bible study ~ we wanted in, and moved past, regardless. I am not saying we don’t deal with our garbage, walls and stuff, we do, we just don’t use them to keep us from GOD! Get in His presence, turn and then take them on. Go God!

The door is WIDE open, come on in!   Enjoy!

In Him, DeDe

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