When Life Gets Stupid

I heard a quote yesterday that I thought was SOOO good, I wrote it down, (though short enough to remember). I wanted to jot it in the back of my bible, (but I haven’t yet). I think it good enough to place on the frig among all the photos of family and friends, (so I will).

The quote? “When life gets stupid“.  Isn’t THAT so stinkin true! Life just gets stupid at times, crazy with family, friends, church, ministry, chores, phone calls, emails, grocery shopping, baseball … on and on the list goes!  Oh I HAVE to add dusting.  Since I don’t do it often, I feel better that it even made the list!

I thought about this throughout the day yesterday. Hm, when life does ‘get stupid’, perhaps that stupidity takes it’s liberty, and brings along a dear friend who’s name is chaos.  

WHAT do I do with it (them) stupidity and chaos?

Wisdom! That ‘w’ word. Inviting the practical application of my God into my very moment. I think James must have had a few of these days, he says ‘those of you who lack wisdom ASK …’ (1:5)   He goes on to say ‘ask the lady at the check out stand.’ NO! Ask your very best buddy. NO!  Ask GOD!  God, who gives generously. And there ARE days that we NEED to tap into the ‘generous’ offer. Bring on the wisdom, pour it on heavy!  There is a time and place to seek counsel, but where do we go FIRST!

So, when life gets stupid, I will ask.    Ask God about ‘Sophia’ (no it’s not gossip, it is Greek for wisdom) and ask that He give it generously. Go God!  Proverbs 4:5 ‘Get wisdom, get understanding, do not forget my words or swerve from them’.

We ask: God WHAT is it YOU want in this very moment, HOW am I to respond,  WHY are my motives important, WHERE should Your name be placed. 

WISDOM, inviting God into my very moment.

~ DeDe  (Ps. 92:4 You thrill me LORD…)

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