Setting Our Sights Up

Recently the gals at bible study and myself were looking at Psalm 121. The author lends a beautifully crafted picture of what it is to keep our eyes where they should be, (representing our focus) Verses 1-2:

“I lift my eyes to the hills – where does my help come from? My help comes from the LORD, the Maker of heaven and earth.”

We can appreciate the pro-active stance the Psalmist takes as he prepares to position himself. Notice he says “I lift my eyes…” He is not waiting for someone else to do it for him, or even swing his arm out and grab onto the person next to him. NO – HE does it. What does he do? He lifts his eyes. KNOWING that keeping them down will not direct his attention to where his help is.

As another Psalmist states: “Why are you downcast O my soul? Why so disturbed within me? Put your hope in God …” (Ps. 42:5)

To help paint this picture at bible study, with the help of a sweet little gal, we scattered coins on the floor. Here and there, pennies, dimes, nickels, yes even those collectible quarters. THEN, I tacked dollar bills to the ceiling, $1.00’s, $5.00’s, $10.00’s and a couple of $20.00’s.  As the gals came in, their attention was drawn to the coins on the floor, a few gals picked them up and handed them to me, or politely placed them on the tables. I of course came behind them and discretely threw them back on the floor for others to see.

We progressed through a time of fellowship and worship, nothing was said about the ‘big bucks’ on the ceiling. I opened the teaching time, by asking them if they noticed anything slightly different this morning. One gal commented on the coins. Then they began to chat about that. Smiling I said “Yes, you noticed the little stuff on the ground, but did you look UP? All heads immediately flew up. You could hear the “AaaaHa!”  Expressions of revelation.

So often we keep our gaze down don’t we? Not allowing our focus to go heavenward. WE  MISS  SO  MUCH! While our focus is down, generally this is when we fall into the pit of disgust, despair, depression and even dissatisfaction. A side note to add here: in Psalm 42, when stated “Why are you downcast O my soul?” The word picture is that of movement ~ a spiral motion, his soul is heading down AND down. His self talk is SMART.

Can you imagine with me, he bows his head and talks to his soul [ definition of soul: heart, mind, the inner being with it’s thoughts and emotions] he continues on “Put your hope in God…” Mainly … “Dude get a grip! God is your answer, now look to HIM!”  However  I love the second half of the verse as rendered by the Young’s Literal Translation – “Wait for God, for still I confess Him.”

Do  YOU have the down in the dump, downcast doldrums?  The antidote?  Redirect your focus on God’s ability to help you rather than your ability to help yourself.  State it.  Confess it.  Cry out for it.  Live it.

May we purpose to setting our sights as the Psalmist did,  NOT notice just the little stuff here on the ground, but look  UP to God.  THAT is where the BIG stuff is (smile).

I leave us with the song that we as a group of God-loving gals sang at each gathering as we ventured through the Psalms: 

I lift my eyes up
to the mountians
Where does my help come from?
My help comes from You
Maker of heaven
Creator of the earth
O How I need You Lord
You are my only hope
You are my only prayer
So I will wait for You
To come and rescue me
Come and give me life
– Written by Brian Doerksen
In Him, DeDe (Ps. 92:4 “You thrill me, LORD … as I look UP.”)


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