The Oil Will Not Run Dry

Ever hit that ‘wall’? The wall commonly known as the athlete’s wall. Picture a runner, nearing the end of the race, all energy has been spent, their breathing is labored, their body screams in agony. Doubt, fear, and confusion, even anger now rage through them. “There is nothing left, I have nothing left to give!” is their cry. blp0045911_tYet and yet, they do finish the race.

There are many ‘walls’ of life. Moments when we feel we have little left to give, and what we do have, we feel we need to conserve it to make it to the next day. Perhaps, our supply is empty, there is nothing left. For many of us, we have opted to just allow ourselves to dry up and die. I have been there, it is painful.

Recently I was awaken very early in the morning. Still dark, I could hear the rain just outside the window. My thoughts went to Elijah. How often do our thoughts go to Elijah at 3:30 am.? The story of the widow and her son came to mind, out of 1 Kings 17. They had just enough flour and oil to make one last meal, after that nothing was left, they surely would die. In walks Elijah in the story, asking her to make him a meal first. Telling him of her plight, and empty cupboards, he tells her “Don’t be afraid” God says, “your supply of flour will not end, and the oil will not run dry.” She does what he says, and miraculously there is plenty of continuous oil and flour.

‘The oil will not run dry,’ what a wonderful promise. This encouraged me. Just when we think we have spent 200448042-001all that there is in us … there will be more. More coming from HIM. More energy to face another day. When our breathing is labored …more power to enable us to fight the good fight. When all that is in us SCREAMS … there will always be more. The oil will not run dry, a continuous flow of God is offered to us. We accept the oil by doing what God asks of us. Take what we have and give it to HIM, He increases it.

Whatever we are facing, whatever our race, “Don’t be afraid”, the walls of life are met with a jug of oil.  Allow its continuous flow.

In Him, DeDe (Psalm 92:4 “You thrill me, LORD …”)

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