It is NEVER Too Late

Recently our family said good-bye to a wonderful woman.  Her name was Daisy Gardner, she being only 4 months shy of her 100th birthday.  Daisy was my grandmother.  I had the awesome privilege, along with the pastor of being asked to speak at her home going service.  As I stood before friends and family I began to unfold the linen of grandma’s heart.
Grandma was a quiet woman, not one to voice her opinions, yet when she did speak in her gentle tones, you listened!  I have many fond memories of her and the way she always made you feel welcome. Her heart was one of a servant, to bring 75042703hospitality to life was her gifting.  She was creative, worked well with her hands, her smile and giggle would melt your heart.
I continued to share:  The year was 2007, Grandma at the young age of 96 wasn’t feeling well, as I sat by her bed, we chatted of many things, the weather, family, the farm (the central hub of the family).  Alone in her room, our talk turned to God.  There are moments when you really want to know for sure and a boldness sweeps across you, may I offer … ‘take hold of them!’  Feeling compelled, I asked “Grandma, have you accepted Jesus into your heart?”  There was a long pause, and Grandma’s face appeared thoughtful.  Her eyes soon began to fill with tears, and her response was “O yes honey, but I don’t think He accepted me.”
I have to admit what she said took the breath right out of me.  My eyes began to fill as well.  Now standing, I reached over and placed my hand on her heart and told her “O Grandma He SOO accepts you and loves you!”  I shared with her what I know to be true from His word and from my own life experience.  I asked her if she wanted to pray, and she said “yes.”   We prayed.  There in her room, at the age of 96, Grandma KNEW God loved her and accepted her!
I was given one of Grandma’s rings the year following, Grandma was no longer able to wear her beloved jewelry. The ring was designed just for her, using the diamonds from her two marriages, (both grandfathers proceeding her in death.)  The ring with spiraling gold as it wraps around the diamonds fit perfect as I placed it on my finger.  Grandma had the opportunity to see me wear the ring, and enjoy my inheritance.  The ring is a divine reminder of that special day with Grandma.  That there ARE times in life when we need to be bold, take the risk,  ask the questions. There are golden opportunities designed just for us.  Too, just like the diamonds, our lives are chipped away at to form a beautiful gem.
0101091224_0002I believe, Grandma in her gentle tone would say “It is NEVER too late.  You are LOVED and accepted!”
This week, may we be bold, take hold of golden opportunities, place our hand over hearts, share from God’s word and from our own knowledge of Him!  You never know what the response may be!
In Him, DeDe (Ps. 92:4 “You thrill me, LORD …”)

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