Googling God



google God 2 am amazed at what can be found on the Internet, and at the same time horrified.  However, it is an awesome tool if used with wisdom and discretion.  One of my favorites to feed my geeky side, is the Greek Interlinear Bible.  Oh, now THERE is a fun place to park it for awhile. 

With this electronic door, the world seems just a bit smaller, connection  bit closer and knowledge a bit more accessible.

I have found through personal experience, folks are ‘googling God’  like never before.  This week my own website has hit the 10,000 visits mark.  To me this is exciting!  Many come to my site by googling a topic I have written about with intent to read articles like The Tabernacle of Moses, or the Names of God.  Yet, there are a few who have entered the site not really sure how they landed there.  For those too I am grateful and you are so welcome.

Googling God … good Godly guidance.

~ DeDe

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  1. So proud of my daughter.

    June 19, 2009 at 9:11 pm

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