Self Medicate


“A cheerful heart is good for your health, gloom and doom leave you bone-tired” (Pro. 17:22 -MSG)

How many of us are … TIRED? Sorry for yelling. Perhaps sadden or depressed, confused or greatly disappointed, wounded or beaten down. These all are wrapped up nicely in the Hebrew phrase for “a broken spirit drieth the bones.” One resource has this to say: “A broken spirit describes the life, the vitality, the drive, the spirit of a person that has been oppressed by a grieved heart.” *

The cartoon rendering of the heart, is that of a mirrored angel wing, bouncing rhythmically from the chest, which isn’t to far from the truth. Metaphorically the heart beats of our feelings, will and intellect, passions… our inner self.

This proverb so divinely inspired, instructs us that the best successful cure for a dried up, and may I add ‘icky’ disposition is that of a CHEERFUL HEART. This is the ONLY place in the Old Testament, that this use of the word for ‘medicine’ is used… hm.

Welcome to my world, here is where I have been the last few weeks. When thinking, pondering and meditating on this verse, I found myself offering expressions that others may deem … um …. SILLY – even IMMATURE, and down right EMBARRASSING!  Let me explain. I have been emotionally and spiritually … tired.  To regain my strength, first … prayer … the Word … then my goal has been to try to make as many people smile, laugh, be encouraged, lifted up, and take a look and enjoy their surroundings as possible. Have you seen those COLORS outside!

I have waved at folks in their cars (don’t have a clue who they are) Stopped, held up a line, elbows on counter, looked the cashier in the eyes, and asked ‘how are YOU doing today?’ (interesting response) I sent a package to a dear friend, ‘just because’. Sent a poem via text, wrote the STUPIDEST things on FaceBook, like: “Ever stop to think, and forget to start again” and “Why hasn’t there been a sequel to Titanic?”   Then today, when picking up my son from school, as he approached the car and climbed in, he was greeted with a pair of silly glasses with a HUGE nose, mustache and fluffy eye brows beautifully placed upon his mothers face, if I do say so myself. Pair of glasses … $1.57. Giggle from son … priceless!   And yes, I drove a short distance down the street like that.

“A cheerful heart is good for your health.” Sometimes, faith comes by acting out  of faith. OH, we may not FEEL it, but if our heart isn’t responding to life’s advances the way we would like, and all we are getting in our bucket seems to be lemons, well … you know the saying. Then advance BACK with a CHEERFUL heart… make someone laugh, smile, bless their socks off. In doing so, make YOURSELF  laugh, smile, be blessed. So the cycle continues. God, grace, godly gestures … GOOD medicine.

I would never imply we ignore our issues, or ignorantly look the other way of our own heartache, but even as in a balance meal, dessert is just a course away (personally I have been ordering dessert FIRST). The word says, ‘a cheerful heart is good medicine’SELF MEDICATE, with the help of the Holy Physician. Wave at those passing cars, smile at the librarian, text someone to get a ‘LOL’ in return, invest in some silly glasses. Be creative, I call these ‘mini ministries’.

Life is short, just enough room and time to enjoy ‘regardless’. God is good.

In Him, DeDe (Ps.94:2 “You thrill me, LORD …)


* Quote from: Complete Word Dictionary of the O.T. — other resources used: Theological Dictionary of the O.T., Strong’s Hebrew/Greek Dictionary/Concordance, The Vine’s, International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, Expository Dictionary of Bible Words. Translations looked at: KJV, NASB, NLT, NIV, MSG

~ Side Note: Medical articles state that how we handle stress and other emotional factors affect the potential of illness such as: upset stomach, muscle aches, tension headaches, weight loss, ulcers, panic attacks, chronic fatigue syndrome, lack of energy, inability to focus.

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