The God Who Sees Me

Have you ever experienced a time or times when you feel completely alone?  No one cared, not even God, as if you walked through life invisible, invisible to the touch of others, their concern, their love.  You desire with a deep longing to be noticed, for someone to see you, to deem you valuable.   Your thoughts crawl towards … running.  Running away,  F-A-R  away.  Would anyone notice?

It is in this moment that we feel that no one else has or is feeling this way, we tend to isolate ourselves with this understanding.  There is a gal who she too experienced this.  Her name? Hagar.   Her story is set in Genesis 16.   She was Sarah’s servant and had just found out she was to have Abrahams child, she was so excited, but out of the strong emotions for both Sarah and Hagar, they fought.   And Hagar ran. She ran not only from the harshness towards her, but I believe she ran with the understanding that no one understood – no one cared.

Hagar found herself further out in the desert, lacking all the comforts of what was familiar, emotions worn, body tired, spirit drained – she collapsed.  It was then that the angel of the Lord appeared to her, he simply said, “Hagar” (called her by name) “where have you come from and where are you going?” A divine already known answer, but presented for the purpose of ‘process’.   He spoke directly to her situation, she was running from something she felt she could no longer handle, and running to something she hoped would be better.  She shared her frustration, and his response was “go back” and then filled her with foretold promises. She ended this encounter calling the Lord,  “El Roi”  (El row-EE) meaning “the God Who sees me.”  Hagar returned to Abraham, Sarah and the current circumstance.  BUT, she knew someone had seen her – someOne  sees her.  El Roi is present tense, sees  NOT  ‘saw’.

We need to be assured that no matter the circumstance, or our emotional state, OR what we may be facing, God sees us. We can’t outrun God.  Many of us have tried (haven’t we).  He takes personal interest in us, He calls us by name. It is up to us to look up from where we are – to listen. Hagar had a choice, she could have stayed there on the dusty ground, head down, and just pretend she hadn’t heard  while her tears moistened her cheeks  (but how many Hagars do you think there where out in the desert, lost) if we look up, listen and hear God’s words of love and compassion, encouragement,  we too will call the Lord “El Roi” the God Who sees me.    Jesus says (John 10:27)  “My sheep hear My voice and I know them, and they follow Me.” My name is called, I am known.   God sees.

Do you too feel alone, invisible, unvaluable, and found isolated out in the desert?  Quiet yourself, STOP the chatter – listen.  He WILL call your name, He is calling your name.  Sadly, many of us stop short – WAY too short in our sorrows, troubles and frustrations, we don’t give God the opportunity, we don’t move off the seat and give Him the throne.  (OUCH!  God made me type THAT.  Ok, so He didn’t MAKE me, I just thought it wise to response obediently)  He is El Roi.  The God Who sees me.

In Him, DeDe (“Let us consider how we may spur one another on towards love & good deeds.” ~ Heb. 10:24)

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