What’s Your 2017 Word?


Words. Amazing things.  One word alone can alter your day, your moment. RUN!”  (see) At the rollover of the calendar each year I begin asking the Lord for a word.  One word that may describe His emphasis for me, perhaps His finger that points in a new direction or most assuredly a word to study. In the past I was given words like, ‘regardless,’ THAT was a dandy of a year! As I was writing in my journal a few days ago, I was taken to something I had written awhile back:  “Aman – Hebrew <H539> (awe-mon) Genesis 15:6 ‘Abe believed…’ to confirm, support, firm, faithful, sure. To go to the right hand.”  Ok, granted my journal entries differ from the average Jane, there is no ‘Dear Diary’ or written out prayers. It is full of words I find intriguing, words like (Hebrew or Greek) rhema, hokmah, tamin, paroxysmos, gibbor and aman.

What I immensely enjoy about our God … He is so very, VERY personal. He knows and talks our language.  As I re-read the word ‘aman’  I felt He whispered it back to me, “Aman… Me.”  The moment was tender, yet I knew this wasn’t a suggestion. Remembering when I briefly studied the word, my eyes began to well up. Aman (believe) has such a strong emphasis, it doesn’t just mean, “Yah, I believe IN God,” it conveys “I BELIEVE God!”  If we were to add weight to the easy-camp-tent-peg-guide_620x300word, it would paint the picture of taking a tent stake and pounding it into the ground, fixing the tent on/in a firm solid place. THAT is believe (aman.) It’s taking what is in our left hand, those things that seem somewhat doubtful, ideas or concepts not fully accepted and moving them firmly to our right hand, the right hand of belief.

Remember the story of Jonah (man runs from God and encounters fish, wait… FISH) His mission: Go tell the icky bad guys to give it up and get right with God (I paraphrase) As Jonah did, “The Ninevites believed God…” (3:5) then, “they turned from their evil ways… God had compassion…” (v 10)  They ‘amaned’ God, they came to the end of themselves, took action and turned from the ick and turned to God.

Believing God means devotional active obedience.  I believe God, truly believe His word, His promises (and warnings) I live my life accordingly.  My hand that once held doubt is now empty, my right hand is gloriously filled with confidence, as Paul wrote about Abe… “being fully persuaded that God had power to do what He had promised.” (Romans 4:21)

I know I have a lot to ‘go to the right hand’  but I am excited to see what opportunities God places in my path ‘to move.’  (When in the thick of it – I may deny any and all endorsements later, HA!)

One of my dear friends shared her word is ‘forward’ and a family member, ‘fearless. ’  Perhaps you too would ask God for a word. In doing so, Holy Spirit whisper that word to us continually over the course of 2017.  May we look for it, for YOU with anticipation and expectation.  Grant us Lord, the grace and power to respond in devotional active obedience!

Go God!

In Him, DeDe (“Let us consider how we may spur one another on towards love & good deeds.” – Heb. 10:24)


(Side Note: In the above journal entry, I wrote ‘Aman’ – Hebrew <H539> The numeric reference indicates the word is Hebrew ‘H’ (Old Testament) and the number assigned within the Strong’s Hebrew Dictionary.  Writing this number helps me go back and find it with ease in my bible software.  It is my geeky way.  Also, ‘Aman’ is the root word in which ‘amen’ is derived – It is likened to a Judge slamming the gavel down with firm persuasion, “So be it.”)



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