At Jesus’ Feet

While studying for our ladies group on the 7 I AM statements of Jesus, I found that Mary of Bethany is mentioned only three times. You know, Mary the gal at Jesus’ feet, while her sister, Martha Stewart of the day was busy in the kitchen.  In these three mentions, Mary is found at Jesus’ feet, (Luke 10, John 11 and John 12)

In the Lazarus scenario, (John 11) she falls at Jesus’ feet and says “Lord if you would have been here my brother would not have died.” These are the ONLY recorded words of Mary.  All that time previously at His feet and her only recorded words are “Lord, if …” And Thomas gets the bum rap for doubt!

I set my bible aside and thought about Mary. We know the story of Martha complaining to Jesus about Mary not helping her and His response; Mary has ‘chosen what is better.’ (Luke 10:42)  It is her/our choice.

I find it also interesting, Martha hears of Jesus’ arrival in Bethany and goes to meet him, running from the family home. Mary stays behind.  The custom of the day was for family and friends to come and mourn for days alongside the hurting.  Martha goes alone. But when Jesus sends for Mary, she ‘got up quickly and went to Him,’ (John 11:29) here the mourning folks set their Kleenex aside and sprint off after her.  Did they hear her words to Jesus?  All that time listening at His feet, now her family and friends hear her brief testimony?  Could they have only caught the “IF?”

Oh this spoke volumes to me. Here, Mary was at Jesus’ feet near her brother’s tomb, it didn’t seem to matter the posture, or the previous presence, the time spent at His feet, what mattered was her heart…our heart… MY heart HAS to be transformed with a true revelation of Jesus. When I read His word …He Does… He will… He is. And THAT be my testimony.  Yes, I want to be real with folks, but I always want JESUS to be my testimony, that the ‘ifs’ be lost in the foreground, and doubt be left behind as I run to Him.

When Jesus called Lazarus forth, He began thanking the Father stating He was praying aloud ‘for the benefit of the people standing here, that they may believe You sent Me… LAZARUS, COME OUT!”  Go God!

At Jesus’ feet.

In Him, DeDe (“Let us consider how we may spur one another on towards love & good deeds.” – Hebrews 10:24)

Yes, there is more, more to Mary’s story.   Mary witnessed the resurrection of her dead (4 days) brother.  As he walks out of the tomb, Jesus tells someone to remove his grave clothes, untangle the death and LIVE.  Just one chapter later, Mary is pouring expensive perfume on Jesus’ feet, she now KNOWS He is…

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