Show Me!

Ever think, “Hm, now isn’t THIS fine and dandy!” Finding yourself in a situation that requires more faith than the mustard seed you planted out back. Your prayers turn from a somber quietness to “I NEED SOMETHING HERE LORD!” Soon, faith in the wait, turns to a shade of doubt. You are tempted to disown your honesty, and grab a cup of ‘Fake it till it hurts.’ DON’T DO IT! Take pause and a deep breath, let’s look at Thomas and Jesus, and the others (yes, the others)

John 20. Personally I think Thomas gets mis-tagged as ‘Doubting Thomas’, I would tag him as ‘Honest Thomas.’ Jesus knew him, He knew that there was a strong element lacking in him, that same element flows through all our spiritual DNA to some degree, why not address it. We all at times need that moment, Thomas moments, “SHOW ME!” moments.

There is one thing I find fascinating – funny how in Sunday school or from the pulpit when teaching about DOUBT, we always tag just …Thomas. Why, because he verbalized his desire for proof? (v25) And yes, Jesus did tell him “Stop doubting and believe.” (v27) But have we considered when Jesus first appeared to the others, the disciples, fearful and behind locked doors, (Thomas was absent) standing among them, Jesus says, “Peace be with you.” THEN, (wait for it…) He showed them His hands and side.” It continues, “The disciples were overjoyed when they saw the Lord.” (v19-20) They may have not said it verbally BUT before Jesus proceeds, He reaches out His hands to them.

Later again Jesus appears, this time He reaches out to Thomas. He needs Thomas to see Him as the true resurrected Lord, the one Who soon will sit at the right hand of the Father, in power, Majesty, and AUTHORITY! Not only did Thomas need to believe in Jesus, he needed to believe Him. Walk with confidence, that He is Who He says He is, does what He says He will do.   Faith.

Aren’t we glad Jesus takes the time to reach out His hands. Can you image, Jesus the risen King, standing in front of YOU – not out of condemnation, but out of love. Tenderly, Put your finger here – see My hands… My side.My life long desire is to have the same response as believing Thomas “My Lord and my God.” It doesn’t say it, but I am confident he fell to his knees. Who couldn’t help but do so. Jesus takes every opportunity to use our moments to teach others. Think of those in the room with Thomas, some may have had the same needed moment, AGAIN! “Wow! I didn’t get a good look last time.” I imagine Peter saying. (You try being in my imaginative head when you read these stories!)

When was the last time our faith was small, limited, even crying out for proof, verbalized or not. Let’s be honest, He knows anyway. He wants us full of belief and see Him in all majesty as He stands in front of us.  (We, to our knees we go!)

It may take some time, progressive faith building time. Be assured if you ask Jesus to ‘show you,’ you better be expectant, heart ready, spiritual eyes open.  Doubting Thomas. HONEST Thomas. Believing Thomas!

I leave us with the powerful words of Jesus Believe Me when I say…” (John 14:11) What is He saying to YOU?

In Him, DeDe (Let us consider how we may spur one another on towards love & good deeds.” – Hebrews 10:24)

Side note:  Many scholars are in agreement that Thomas’ doubt was not necessarily, and not only of Jesus, but of the words of the others.  He knew nothing, but of what the fearful behind locked doors friends were telling him. The others had Holy Spirit breath blown on them by Jesus (in the upper locked room) “Peace” was spoken over them.  They had divine insight Thomas had not yet experienced.


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