Confessions of a Geeky Gal

Ever have a day that you’d just like to crawl back in bed and pull the covers up, with just enough breathing room, peeking out wishing the day away. I had one of those this week. However, it was of my own making. Confession: As the day began, while praying I sensed the Lord tell me “Patience!” I was going to NEED patience. Alrighty then, that’s nice! But by golly who in their right mind (or lack thereof) would PRAY for patience. I made note of it and went head first into my day. As the day progressed, frustration grew, I was easily irritated by those around me, even irritated by the time on the clock. And for crying out loud, the drivers in front of me “GET OFF THE ROAD!” I found myself reacting to the WORLD. Patience. (I KNOW better!) God told me.

Geeky Gal’s notes: In short, there are basically two words used for patience in the New Testament, both of which I have studied extensively. (Head bowed) First, ‘makrothumia’ (Greek) this patience is with people and motivated by mercy. Mercy, NOT getting what you deserve! In essence, it is extending a tender open hand, as opposed to a fist full of … stuff! And we got us some STUFF don’t we!  God’s mercy is withholding what we deserve and loves beyond. God is so amazingly DIVINELY coordinated. One hand pulls back while the other reaches forward and gives grace. The other patience or perseverance is ‘hupomone’  – a bearing up under, in and through circumstances, this is motivated by hope. Hope, waiting strong with great expectation, it is found in the ‘knowing’ – KNOWING that God is and does and will. Hope.

So mercy and hope, without these, I (we) fail with people, we are terribly inpatient with each other and our situation only seems to worsen when there is no hope.

God told me ‘patience’, I failed miserably (I should have known!!! DUH!) Due to sudden heartbreak, thinking in the wrong direction caused me to get upset. Once identifying the error, I asked God to re-focus my perspective, turn me towards Him and Him alone. THERE lies my hope, my perseverance, my receiving of His hand of grace. His call to patience wasn’t necessarily what I was going to do, it was what I was going to receive – from HIM!  Tender mercy and hope filled vision.

How is your extended mercy and hope? “For ye have need of patience, that, after ye have done the will of God, ye might receive the promise.” – Hebrews 10:36   How are you with receiving it from the Father? As the picture above depicts, patience can be like being STUCK behind a slow-moving-boring rig. Don’t honk your spiritual horn, or attempt to pass on dangerous ground. Wait. Go the journey. Allow God to love beyond in and through you.  Hope on, a promise awaits YOU!

For Jeremy.

In Him, DeDe (“Let us consider how we may spur one another one towards love & good deeds.” – Hebrews 10:24)




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