Flexible, Trusting and Obeying

Recently at Bible Study, as the gals were coming in, I handed them each a colored card with a number on it.   The only instruction given was “find the number that corresponds and that will be your seat for tonight.”  Feeling like a Flight Attendant, I did so with a smile, yet refrained from the urge to nod and quote the “B-bye, B-bye”.  There were a few not so excited being told where to sit, – BUT they were in church and I saw some ‘attitude checks’ going on (kinda fun to watch).  Yes, I was stretching them beyond their comfort zone.  As I opened, I assured them, “You are OKAY!  …Really!”  We, women, are creatures of routine and sitting where it isn’t familiar, not next to your very best friend or a family member is only a small, SMALL taste of what the Jewish Christians were experiencing in the book of Hebrews.

The cards I handed them did not ‘match’ the color of the cards on the tables, I watched as a couple gals went looking for the ‘color’ rather than the ‘number’ on the card.   I knew a few would and wanted them slightly confused, I used this as an example that the Jewish Christians had to figure out a few things on their own, they had to step into the new and find God truly was there.  Things were different (I moved some furniture around) they, along with the early Jewish Christians had to trust that this ‘NEW’ was a good thing.

We have been looking at the Pastor of Hebrews teaching that regardless of tradition, and regardless of what your lifestyle represented; Jesus is much more excellent. His covenant and promises – BETTER.  He as High Priest and His blood sacrifice – greater and more perfect and once and for all!  Can I get a hardy “Go God!”  THIS ran the Jewish Pastor’s fingernails across the Torah blackboard; it hit a nerve, contrary to all they had been taught.  Yes, different.  They (and our women) were learning God points but doesn’t always give us ALLLLL the details, sometimes we have to improvise, be flexible and just trust and obey.

Perhaps God is calling us to something new, a lil unfamiliar and unknown, if it is of God, it is good.  May we declare like King David in response to God’s amazing protective and promising character, “O Sovereign LORD, You are God! Your words are trustworthy, and You have promised these good things to Your servant.” (2 Samuel 7:28 NIV)

Flexible, trusting and obeying.

P.S. You never know what you may encounter at Bible Study.  Next week, the Book of Revelation — totally kidding! (I so love my assignment!)

In Him, DeDe (“Let us consider how we may spur one another on towards love & good deeds.” – Hebrews 10:24)

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