The Simple

Simple slide

Simple. We all seek the simple, the quick, and the ‘let’s get to it’ in life. But, when something is presented without difficulty, we pick it up, look behind it and wonder where’s the rest. We take this mentality into our Jesus walk as well, if it seems uncomplicated, effortless and even manageable, we begin to reach for stuff to fill in the cracks, make it heavier than designed and by all means, let’s OVER-THINK-IT!

Most of the basics are just that … simple.

This Jesus life is co-operative – His divine (instruction & empowerment) with our obedience, equates good God stuff! Example: John 9, the blind man, blind from birth encounters Jesus: (In short) Jesus puts spitty-mud on the guy’s eyes and instructs him to go and wash.   “So, I went and washed and then I could see.” (v11, NIV) To wash – so simple. Yet, there are others who hesitate due to the simple: Naaman, the commander of the Syrian army (2 Kings 5) he’s a mighty man of valor yet had leprosy. Through interesting circumstances, he was told to go dip seven times in the Jordan and he’d be healed. But the man thought he needed-deserved more! Bring out the parade, Elisha wave your hand over me, pray a glorious King James prayer (ok, I added that). In his refusal of the simple, fighting against God’s instruction, he didn’t do it. But finally, in response to his servants challenging him, he went, did the dunking and was healed – his healing, however, was delayed due to denial of simplicity. The blind man in John 9, obeyed immediately – healed immediately.

What is God instructing us? Are we holding out for more, before we respond? Perhaps, we’re making it more difficult than it is.


In Him, DeDe (“Let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love & good deeds.” – Hebrews 10:24)

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