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Skill of the Dance

The presence of God.  So close, so intimate.  Ever feel you are extremely clumsy with Him?  You may say the most weirdest things, or you think your actions define you as a mis-fit?  You scream “I NEED  SKILLS  HERE!”  as one whom their life depended on it.

The Lord gave me a picture of dancing. Slow – graceful, elegant unity, like that of ball room dancing. Yet to have the smooth rhythm and glide across the floor, there can only be ONE who leads.  Folks it aint US! This is what the Father wants from us, that our walk with Him be a graceful dance. He as the leader. As He leads, He places pressure on our back so gently, we know to move forward, or a soft tug in one direction or the other.  True partners of the dance, always knows where the other is, placing a confidence in the next move.  The skill of the dance.

Don’t FEEL like dancing?  You have no energy emotionally or spiritually.  Ps. 30:11  “… He has turned my mourning into dancing…”  He stands near by, with His hand out, asking so gentleman like, “May I have this dance?”  He is patient, tender and LOVES to dance with us, He will teach us.  Our mis-fit ways will soon turn into a beautiful glide.

It may take a lifetime to learn the skill of the dance, but to sense and obey His touch can be so beautiful as we follow along in the music of life.  The skill is … practicng the presence of the Lord.

Have a great God-loving, in step… dancing with Him week!!

In Him, DeDe  (“Let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love & good deeds” ~ Heb. 10:24)