For YOU!

I love words, some capture my attention and I can’t let them go until I have a really good understanding, then I work them some more (I know,  I am geeky).  I have been working on and through ‘meno’, the Greek word for ‘abide’ as found in John chapter 15.  Through an online study we are on week 9 of what it is to ‘abide’ – fascinating.

This season, I am drawn to ‘egeiro’ (e-gay-row)  Esti egeiro in particular.  HE  has  RISEN!  Just the sound of it in Greek inspires awe.  Esti egeiro.  He has risen doesn’t just imply He, Jesus is no longer here lying dead in the tomb, THAT is big news in it’s self, as Luke states in verses 1-8 of chapter 24, the women come to the tomb and are greeted by 2 men, (angels)  who inform them “why do you look for the living among the dead?  He is not here, He has risen!”

There is much doctrine and theology built around the resurrection, but today I look simply as the love and desire Jesus has for us!

Esti egeiro, He is not only no longer dead, He takes the posture of STANDING!  Egeiro, to stand, to rise, to be FULLY watchful, fully awake.  What is it that would bring the Son of God to His feet?  In all rights, Jesus is tired; He’s just been beaten, thorns are perceing his forehead, he is nailed to a cross and died for crying out loud!  But NO!  HE stands!  And STANDS up with authority!  The enemy would have loved for Him to stay down. Can you imagine with me, the horror of the demonic hovering over the burial site “stay down, STAY DOWN, give up!”

What brought Jesus to His feet?  ~~~~~>  YOU! 

Pause – think on that!  The resurrection POWER of the Almighty God stood up, ALIVE, defeating death, bringing that power to the lives of each and every person on the face of this creation, those who look to Him in awe, trust and faith. 

Esti Egeiro ~ LOVE~ He has Risen ~ He stood up for … YOU!

Blessed Easter season!

In Him, DeDe (Ps. 92:4 You thrill me, LORD …)

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