Random Acts of Kindness

This morning I witnessed a random act of kindness,  to be perfectly honest it nearly brought tears to my eyes.  Kind of like those moments on Little House and the Prairie when Laura would be kind to Mrs. Olsen ~ heart wrenching isn’t it!

I was driving near the County Courthouse, when in the middle of the congested intersection sat a car, an older gentleman and young gal hop out and begin to push the disabled vehicle.  THEN all of a sudden, across the street came their  help.  Two women ran to the back of the car, one swung the strap of her purse around her neck, the other gal, placed her clutch purse between her teeth, and  they both  began to push with all their might.  The car was soon out of the intersection.  I would have LOVED to hear the conversation between the older gentleman and the women, with the ‘thanks so MUCH’ offering to pay them for their labor, kindness these days doesn’t come cheap and FREE – well there is always a catch somewhere, or so it seems.   Then ’oh it was nothing’, they part and go on their way.   Kindness.

Years ago, I worked at my dad’s fast food restaurant.  One day a little boy, about the age of 6 or 7 came in, he asked for a small ice cream cone, and politely placed on the counter the now moistened coins so tightly clutched in his hand.  I looked at the pile of nickels, dimes and pennies, in knowing it wasn’t enough, the little guy saw my hesitation.  The worried look on his face would melt any heart.  I quickly reached in my pocket and pulled out a few more coins, I looked him in the eyes, with a huge smile  “perfect amount“, I told him.  Then there was even a more worried look on his face, he didn’t trust my kindness.  I quickly went over and made him the largest ‘small’ cone I had ever made, handing it to him, he  never took his  eyes away from mine as he  reached up, took the cone, backed away and slowly walked out the door.  Kindness.

The bible defines kindness as ‘goodness of heart’, as found in Galatians 5:22-23 the listing of the Fruit of the Spirit.  Kindness is among  the qualities of Christ that we too possess and share with others as we allow His Spirit to flow in and through us.  John MacArthur says this about kindness, ‘it is the genuine desire of a believer to treat others gently,  just as the Lord treats him’. 

It is fairness, a tenderness, a true concern for others.  Kindness at times comes across as a weak quality if we possess it,  we have to be TOUGH!  Look out for number one – ME!   That is why at times it is not to be trusted.   That is NOT the fruit of the Spirit. It is taking the time to kneel and begin to write in the sand, as Jesus did.  Bringing the attention to the kindness and grace extended to us and the NEED to extend it to others.  Kindness. 

I was interested to see what it is to NOT extend, be or show kindness. According to The Complete Word Study Dictionary of the New Testament, it states that acting in unfairness, callousness even (here’s the clincher) iniquity is un-kindness.  Hm…

May we begin to help rephrase ‘random acts of kindness’ to ‘routine daily expressions of kindness‘.  Oh we may need to dip into our pockets and pull out a few coins, lovingly help with a hefty push.  Even make the cone bigger than expected.   A smile, a wave, opening the door for someone who’s hands are full or may even be crippled.  In doing so, we go – do and be Jesus to others.

I so enjoy how one resource words it, I will close with this: “Kindness is the grace which spreads throughout the whole nature mellowing all which would be harsh and stern”  (W.E Vine)

Kindness, rendering our hearts to others as Jesus renders to us!

In Him, ( Ps. 92:4 ‘You thrill me,  LORD …’)

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